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Jan 10, 2011

RB20 Powered 1977 Ford Mustang

Do you know what a 1977 Ford Mustang looks like.  When I saw the title, I will be honest, I couldn’t really think of what one looks like.  Over the last few years, I shipped a lot of 64-70 Mustangs to Australia.  Way back when, I worked on a RB26 powered Mustang that was in Fast and Furious 3. 
RB20DET powered Ford Mustang
This next one is not an RB, but its an inline 6, and a Ford Mustang. 9.96@140 mph. Not too bad. The engine is from a Australian market Ford , a 4.0 liter.  The car is located in Australia, and notice it is right hand drive.
Turbo 1965 Mustang. Right hand drive

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