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Feb 13, 2011

URAS V12 Nissan Silvia Democar

Engine is from a Toyota Century, radiator is a GT-R and is used as a core support on the front panel, bellhousing is an R34 Skyline, he says the brochure lists the engine as 280bhp, so hes guessing 300bhp but he doesn't know really. It has lots of torque though and uses 2 x 1JZ ECU's to control it. He says something weird which I think means something along the lines of "you cant polish a turd". He says "ゴミとゴミを合わせて" which I think means put "rubbish and crap put together"

In the next video, the car sounds a bit better. They might have eliminated some of the mufflers. It needed something. A V12 should have a nice sound, like an inline 6 - x2.  This seems like a pretty tough way to make around 300hp.  Interesting. Different. 

The startup build video.

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