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Mar 25, 2011

Heat Treatments R32 GT-R : Top Fuel Meeting 2011

heat treatments 32 b
The 1782 whp Heat Treatments Nissan GT-R is in Australia for the Top Fuel event at Willowbank Dragway in Brisbane, Australia. This is the worlds fastest GT-R with a 7.57@190 mph time a few years ago, ran a best time this year of a 7.65@181 mph on March 13th.  During that pass, they said they ran the best 1/8th mile time, that they have ever turned in the car.
heat treatments r32

On the first pass of the day, the car hooked hard enough off the line to break an axle.Earlier today, they ran a 7.93@176 mph with the clutch slipping from mid track.
heat treatments clutch

They have replaced the clutch, done some tune up on it, and are looking to lower their record 1/4 mile run. Within the next few hours, we should see some new results. Good luck to the team.

Source: Heat Treatments Drag Racing Facebook

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