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Mar 23, 2011

Passtime - Mustang GT. Guess the ET

Passtime is a game show that airs on Speed Channel, that takes some of what we do ourselves at the track, and might do out on the street, guess how fast a car will go, and turns it into a contest where you can win some money.

On this game show, there are a few different variations on the runs, but in this segment it is a single driver, and a single ET guess. The Mustang in this video looks like any other clapped out Mustang you might see at a test and tune day. Steelie wheels in the front. Unpainted bumper. Nothing too special.

Passtime SGMP Randy Jackson White Mustang Gt Truck block with B303 cam *wink**wink* Sleeper

My friend sent me this link, and while watching it, the car doesn't look that impressive at first. When they open the hood, if you are observant, you see the four fuel pressure regulators. When Randy is asked if he has nitrous he says "175 dry". My answer to that, was maybe per stage. Great sleeper.

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JKL said...

This video is beautiful...Human ingenuity never fail to amaze me