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Apr 24, 2011

World Challenge Race at Long Beach 2011 : Start

Watching the start of the Long Beach Grand Prix World Challenge race in 2011. I thought that the Volvo of Randy Pobst would get a pretty good start. All wheel drive, 25 psi, and starting at the back of the pack should have been good. However, the stall by the vette, then a couple of touring cars getting together, threw the race and the standings for a real loop.

At the end, the winning VW of Navarro was found to be non compliant, funny other VW's last year were also found to be non-compliant, and Shea Holbrook in the Civic was declared the winner. The lure of the $15k winning bonus by VW is probably just too great for most, and they will try and win at any cost, including bending the rules.

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