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Aug 23, 2011

Mustline: Skystang - R32 and Mustang Meld

Noticed this gem on facebook. I still get a bit of flack over the RB26 in the 1967 Mustang from Fast and Furious 3.  That car actually worked out pretty well. It was even quicker than the V8 powered car the magazines tested.  Now here, not sure what to make of this. The R32 look is my favorite, but never really been a Mustang fan. Here is maybe the worst of both worlds. Mustang driveline, R32 headlights and tailights. We all know that the R32 will not be legal to import to the US again until 2014, so if you want the look, but don't want to wait, and can't find a Motorex car, here is your ride.

Update in 2017, R32 GT-R are legal to import to the US, find yours here. 

At least a GT-R grill might have made it look less like a GTS.

This made me laugh.
You're looking at my 89 Mustang Notchback LX 5.0 with a Nissan R32 body conversion.  This car runs and drives strong and like new.
New, candy teal 17" rims from with new tires ~100 miles ago
The front bumper is a Demon bodykit for a Nissan R32 Skyline modified to fit the Mustang.  The sideskirts are Mustang GT skirts, and the rear bumper is stock.  The headlights, turn signals and tail lights are imported stock off of a used Nissan R32. 
The cons: The bodywork is less-than-professional, and needs some smoothing. Reverse lights need to be hooked up, small tear where the seatbelt rubs against the driver's seat, and the driver's seat leans back some.

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