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Aug 20, 2011

Scion tC Broken Race Car Parts

Scion tC Broken Race Car Parts

When you race, you break a lot of parts. The Scion tCs and the Enkei wheels really take some abuse on the track. Don't try this at home. From a 6 hour Enduro at Thunderhill for the WERC series, to World Challenge, the cars take some damage. It is par for the course, when you are road racing competitively. This isn't Time Attack. On track when you are road racing, cars are fighting for the same spots. Time Attack is like masturbation, and road racing is like rough sex. It might be impressive to show your time, when you are going at it alone, but its much better when you are on track at the same time, actually involving the other cars you are competing against. No rear wheel drive drift Scion here. Real deal production car.

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Mike M Images said...

You can glue some of that back together.