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Oct 1, 2011

Jamboree 2011 : Heat Treatments R32

The worlds fastest Nissan Skyline GT-R, the Heat Treatments R32 from New Zealand, is in Australia for the Jamboree 2011 in Brisbane.   With Reece Mcgregor at the helm, the car has gone as quick as 7.56 @ 181 mph, and as fast as 7.57@191 mph.  At over 1780 horsepower to the wheels, this little RB26 makes insane power. Heat Treatments has been posting some updates, and some of their trials with setting up the slider clutch assembly. When the car is this quick, and makes this much power, its all about managing power to the tires.  Too much, and the car gets very unstable. Not enough and it bogs.  The sweet spot for clutch setup is a moving target.  No results so far on their Facebook page for Saturday, but Sunday is still too come.

.. we got there in the end, we got the clutch to work alot better for us on the last pass, we also found that the shift light was sending false flashes which was driving Reece mad as he through he was seeing things, once that was sorted we changed to the M/T slicks, the result was a 7.63 @ 183 mph. We have to thank the people that made it all happen, Terry and Rod from Ray Glass Racing for there clutch help, Nick and the boys from APC for the tune and Ben Bray.
We finished 4th in our class, Rod won his Pro Turbo class.

On the line for testing

Working on the slider clutch

Serious drag car

Aerodynamics are more important than cooling with this car. 

Working on the clutch
 There is so much to know about getting the clutch right, we must thank Rod and Terry from Ray Glass Racing for there long day of effort helping us with the set-up. The car is running straight now so Reece does not have to worry about the car stepping out, now he can just drive the car.
We finished up last night about 3am NZ, we fitted another clutch and if the weather plays the game we will test again today. Best 60 was 1.21, 1/4 times where not a real aim as we are trying to get the tune and the clutch to come together.

Two of the fastest Skylines in the world.

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