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Oct 16, 2011

Nine Second Nissan GT-R at IDRC Fontana

Greg's R35 GT-R goes 9.94@143 mph.  The car is on a 20" R888 tire, full weight(probably heavier as when it was at STILLEN we added some sound deadening).   25 psi on a set of Greddy TD06 turbos, AMS built engine.  The trans has upgraded 1st gear and clutch, with LC1 handling the launch control.

60 foots all day for him were in the 1.8's until this pass where the car did a 1.68 60 foot and clicked off a 9 second pass.

Blue, Black Edition, and Horsepower
9.94@143 mph. 

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hot rod air rides said...

Wow, amazing! Would love to tune my Nissan that way, too.