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Mar 7, 2012

N1 R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R For Sale in the UK

This is another car that I have been meaning to put up online, open in a tab for the last week or so. It goes along with the R34 N1 from yesterday, this time an R33 N1.  Even though the listing says there were 228 N1 R33's built, this number is incorrect.  There were 228 R32 N1's, 45 R34 N1's, no one seems to know how many R33 N1's.  They are none the less a rare cool car. The car is listed on Pistonheads, has 15,698 miles, and they are asking 15,995 UK pounds.

Leather seats. They love the leather in the UK

 This is a street legal car in the UK, and something neat to own if you are into Nissan Skyline GT-R's. I am personally not a big fan of leather interior, but some people seem to only want to sit on dead cows. I like cloth, as its a bit cooler in the summer, and holds my sweaty thighs in place at the race track.  The OEM Nissan Skyline GT-R seats were all cloth, with the exception of the M-Spec R34. The original UK delivered R34's had leather fitted, but it was closer to a dealer option.

Hi all this a very rare R33 GTR N1 Model car one approx 228 ever made with documentation from Abbey motor proving this is a genuine N1 car. It is a full race/road car running 512bhp fully lightend version built by TSA racing factory japan and was the tuning companies race car which competed in the N group races at Tsukuba curcuit in 1.00.02 which is an unreal time.I have owned the car since 2006 and its been the most reliable car i have ever owned the reason for reluctant sale is new job oversees.

Here is a spec list below and there are probably lots of little bits i have missed.

Milage is super low on 25266ks which is around 15698 miles from new.

N1 engine U24
Vernier cams
Greddy oversize pullys
uprated coil packs
HKS iridium plugs
Trust/HKS 720cc injectors
uprated Trust/HKS fuel rail
uprated fuel pressure regulator
uprated Z32s AFMs
Full HKS hard pipes and down pipes and elbows
Massive uprated front mount inter cooler
massive uprated oil cooler
HKS 2510s/2530s unsure one or the other running her up to a very safe 500+hp with dyno graph at 1.4bar boost
Custom breather tank and system
Full one off titanium dual exhaust system cost a fortune.
Single bosch pump and swirl pot fitted in the boot.
Rose jointed ball joints.
ARC roll bars fitted.
new Tein monoflex suspension fitted.
HKS evc boost controler
HKS torque split controler
Shift light built into the clocks with FET controler
turbo timer built into the alarm system.
Nismo carbon bonnet
carbon exhaust sheld
front carbon disfuser
Os Giken clutch new fitted
5 speed box with 45% short shift kit fitted.
plastic windows apart from the front this was for weight saving
full roll cage fitted
The car is fully seam welded top to bottom at a massive expense
light weight Enki wheels
Red Brembo brakes with slotted discs all round
Yellow stuff pads all round
Hankook rsv 245/45/17 racing road tyres
Tow bar built into front bumper
Tax 6mth
Mot April 2012

Looks like the standard N1 carbon fiber element in the wing
Source: Pistonheads

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