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Apr 20, 2012

Long Beach Grand Prix 2012 - Saturday and Sunday

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The Queen Mary in Long Beach

Long Beach Grand Prix put on its 38th annual event last weekend, April 14th and 15th. Long Beach is my adopted home, as I have spent about 10 years living there. In 2006, with the R34 GT-R, it was the first race that we finished in World Challenge.  In 2010 with the Scion, Robert won the TC class, the youngest World Challenge winner, and the first of five for him that year.

Friday was wet some pretty intense rain, thunder and lightning. Saturday morning early, early was World Challenge practice, followed later in the day with Indy lights, Indy car, and the ALMS race in the afternoon.  Sunday early was the World Challenge qualifying, followed by the Indycar race, and the World Challenge race as the end cap to the weekend.

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ALMS cars at the Hairpin

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Ebay/Tiger Racing Mustang in the World Challenge Paddock

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Engine change on the Blackdog Racing Corvette
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K-Pax Volvo Engine
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