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May 30, 2012

Can Anyone Make Sense of These Emails? More Skyline?

Not the actual car.Just one from Florida

I get an email earlier in the month from this guy  to my STILLEN account. There can be only drama associated with these cars. I guess its the way it goes. Something on the edges of the law. Something people want, but the government tells them they can't have.

From: peter moser []
Sent: Friday, May 11, 2012 10:40 PM
Subject: skyline
Sent: Friday, May 11, 2012 10:40 PMTo: seanm@stillen.comSubject: skyline how do i tell a legit import from a grey market import. because i don't want to buy a skyline that didn't go throu the proper channels to be road worthy in the us and i've read that your the guy to talk to for advise on the subject. Is there a vin registery for skylines that can tell me if a skyline is legal to be daily driven and what do to make legal if it isn't. also is there a way to get the papers for it if it but the owner lost them so i can recieve them is there any shops dealership, etc. on the east coast that know what to look for.   

So I respond back with:

om: peter moser []
Sent: Friday, May 25, 2012 1:48 PM
To: Sean Morris
Subject: Re: skyline


You can give me the chassis number, and I can check it with what I have. Or you want you can call the DOT at 202 366 5291 and give them the chassis number, they can send you a copy of the bond release.

There were a couple of more emails, but for some reason, they didn't show up. The guy said he called the DOT, and then a few weeks later, they showed up and seized the car. That is pretty odd.  The DOT doesn't do much seizing.  If anything its ICE that does any seizing, and in the grand scheme of things, the DOT really doesn't care much about what you have, or even ask if you have it in your possession. You give them a chassis number, it either is or isn't in the database.

From: peter moser []
Sent: Friday, May 25, 2012 2:18 PM
To: Sean Morris
Subject: Re: skyline

from what dot told me was that it one that you did while at motorex. now i know that this can't be fix. but what i'm told they have it as a spec-v. when i registered it two months ago, i had alot of trouble with doing that. so what i did was called a friend who knows how to identify what model a skyline is. he sat there and basically told me that it's a spec-v n1. now from what i'm told the days when you were at motorex were hell. i know exactly what is being implied here, to a tee. the problem is not what that is a n1 but that it was had been a presented as a spec-v to dot and department of importation as well. which btw isn't agreeable with me personally. lucky the guy i was on the with from department of importation. told me of the process that will allow me to keep the car, in situations like this.

I am not sure why he is going on about it being a Spec-V N1. In the R34, Nissan did call it a Vspec. N1 was a base for a race car. Only 45 total cars made. I was involved with a couple of the race car N1's, but they were imported as permanent race cars. I asked him if it were a Nur. It is a possibility. Nurs had N1 blocks.

From: peter moser []
Sent: Friday, May 25, 2012 4:02 PM

To: Sean Morris
Subject: Re: skyline

i remember having alot of problem test fitting my do-luck front bumper. the way it shifted was extremely weird due to the fact that the clutch was stock and shifted like it had a nismo twin plate in it, actually the guy that i bought it off of said it's had that for as long remember it. and he's supposedly has owned since 2007  
What exactly does a bumper and a clutch have to do it being a Nur? Not sure, but I am not dealing with Albert Einstein it seems. So now it all sounds really odd, so I go back at him hard.


Did this car come though Canada, or Vermont?  

Any of this information make sense? 

If it was the special Nur color, and an N1, then it sounds like someone forged my information on paperwork.

I DEMAND to know more information about this.  If someone is illegally using my name to illegally import cars, I MUST know. What is your phone number? 

This morning I get the following responses from "Peter Moser". I was having a little bit of a hard time reading it, but it more or less came back as threats.

no straight thru motorex. i'm not bullshitting you. i've seen enough of the john lee cars to know. the differentance, next you get pissy with me. i'll fly out to cali and  go toe to toe with you bra. don't demand shit me i aint any of these punk pussy bitches that bow down to you on a daily basis. BTW  a john lee imported rx-7 type-r is the reason that i was in a coma for 3 months and two beeps from a flat line. so don't try me i'm very familiar with his work. it's because of his bullshit that i have to live a piece of my carbon fiber hood in my shoulder for the rest of my life. so don't throw his name out to me like that. i one of the few people that survived a wreck in a grey market car and lived to tell the tale. i already told you what the papers say. i've work with enough of these cars to tell a grey market from a legit import. all i have to do is drive the damn thing you of all should know that. then again when i am near a fax machine i'll fax it over to stillen for that sound good. i'm the driver of the rx-7 that wreck out in Nashville, Tn back in 2006. need any more info on my ass. i've seen your paperwork in the past. btw john lee made more money off grey-market hondas, acuras, and mazdas then he did with the skylines. my title i bought it it new york. i've heard rumors of a guy forging your name and department of importation believing that it's you doing the work to it. man word on the east coast is your starting get sloppy with your work. all due to this guy doing his bullshit, by forging your good name. 

He says he got his title in New York. Says he has heard of someone forging my name. Does any of this make sense? Am I far off base?

nor am i threatening you just telling you how i handle shit. i am willing to drop a name if your interested. i've worked on knight seven cars, kayzo, motorex, private r.i.(other then you), evo motorsports, and kept my mouth shut for the past seven years about it cause i couldn't find a way to get ahold of a car that you r.i.'d. hell i'll be the first to tell where the guy that's forging your name is. believe me i don't like the situation i'm in nor the bullshit that's going on. if guys like us had our way the regulation would allow for their to be a daily driven r34 that is a legit import, and not have motorex paperwork at that. trust me i'd love to see someone go against d.o.t., customs, department of importation, and nhtsa just for jdm gold to be legal again. i mean that. i do applogize for some the things that i said in the last e-mail i also meant it as well. your just a regular guy in my eyes. you can't change the past but you can learn from it. the more i think about it. the more it seems that there was more shit that happen with motorex then people say actually did. look i'm in a pickle here. the whole reason i bought it was because it was my understanding that your name couldn't be argued as grey market. i read about big bird. it seems that they(government) think that a skyline is a p.o.s. yet they fail to realize that some of the first non-grey market r32's are still on the road today. i'm guessing big bird was used by some hot headed street racer. that's my guess why it's possibly going to the crusher. 

So he says he will come out here and go toe to toe, but he isn't threatening me? This guy can't string a coherent sentence together to save his life. My response back was not a nice one. I more or less told him it probably would have been better if he died in that illegal car. More profanity, and less I want to be your friend.

So anyone know this guy?  Know what he is on about?  I remember seeing some pictures of a couple R34's that came though New York. Is this guy saying that this car came though Motorex, and he has papers with my name on them?  They don't exist.  I signed off on the compliance packages, but everything else was signed off by Hiro. Any bond release or any paperwork from the DOT will only have the DOT/NHTSA signatures on it.

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