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Dec 7, 2012

#500 : Show or Display Nismo R32 GT-R

NISMO R32 GT-R #383 and #500

I just imported two 1990 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R's - Nismo edition - to the US this week, #383 and #500. Well, the whole process started more than this week, but we picked them up at the port of Long Beach on Tuesday. Read more about Show or Display here.  We were lucky to find #500. Its a nice round number. Chassis number BNR32-100500. Nissan made 560 cars, sold 500 of them to the public.

#500 NISMO getting picked up at the Port of Long Beach

Now that I have had a chance to look at the car, I wanted to go though some of the basics, and fix/touch up the car.

For the oil change, some Rotella T Synthetic in 5w-40, and a Mobil 1 oil filter.  I forgot how hard it is to get at the oil filter with the Hicas solenoids, lines, coolers, and everything else under the collector.  I have some new scrapes on my inner forearm.
That blue thing buried in there is the oil filter. 
With the oil filter buried in there, I like "the claw" with a stubby flex ratchet to get the filter off. Its going to make a mess. No real way around it. Some oil is going to drip onto the front diff.

The more you try and loosen the filter, the tighter it grips.

Oil changed, next item on my list was a new air filter. I like K&N filters. Reuseable. Seems there is a new part number for the 240/GT-R filter. 33-2031-2. The air filter is pretty easy to change. Four quick snaps and you have a new filter. I like the stock airbox, and we have done more than 600 wheel horsepower though it.

Underneath the hood, also took some black paint to some of the spots under the hood, and the valve cover to clean it up. From the looks of the collector, and the newish looking throttle body gaskets, someone probably had it off recently. 

With some of the basics under the hood done, next I turned my attention to giving the car a quick wash. Its probably been a while. 

I can't live without my radio

Next on the list, get rid of the Japanese Mini disc player head unit, that only picks up Radio Disney in the US(different frequencies 76-90ish), and replace it with something I can plug my phone into.  Best Buy had a Pioneer headunit for $65, or right around $70 with tax. Very basic. I am well over my big stereo phase.

Once I got the radio installed, the 22 year old speakers showed their age with a bit of a buzz. Next on the list of things to fix, speakers.

I think these were actually optional at the Nissan dealer. 
From ebay, and West Covina Nissan, I ordered a couple of things - a GT-R key, and a Nismo shift knob in black.  The Ebbro Nismo 1/43 diecast came from Japan.

GT-R Key, Nismo shift knob, and 1/43 Ebbro Nismo diecast

Nismo shift knob and Pioneer headunit installed
Nismo GT-R, in 1/43 scale
The next item to address was battery charge. I already had a Battery Tender, so I just purchased another cable, and hooked it up to #500.

Battery tender hooked up. 
For more information on Show or Display, head over to my site

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