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Dec 15, 2012

Ebay's Response on Show or Display Nismo R32 GT-R Listing

I put the Nismo R32 GT-R up on ebay earlier in the week. I was pretty sure it was going to be taken down.  When it got taken down, they ask for information to be sent to them about the car. I faxed over the NHTSA Show or Display letter, HS7, 3520-1, customs entry form.

Today I got a response back.

Thank you for providing your faxed information about the import status of your 1990 Nissan Skyline. Contacting us about this situation was the right thing to do. I hear your concern with your previous listing for this car being ended and our request for additional information and would really like to help you resolve it.
My name is XXXXX and I will be happy to assist you. We have received your faxed information and I have noted this to your account. Please understand that, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has approved this car for import for the purposes of show or display only, you will be unable to list this car in our "Cars & Trucks" vehicle categories. This category is for the listing of full street legal vehicles (i.e. legal in all 50 U.S. states for unrestricted highway use).
However, you are welcome to relist this car in our "Other Vehicles" > "Race Cars" category with a clear explanation of the appropriate import status in your listing for the information of those members interested in purchasing.
Thank you for choosing to contact us about the best way to appropriately list this car. Sean, I am glad I was able to assist by reviewing your faxed information to verify the import status. With this situation addressed, and by your efforts to relist this Skyline in our Race Cars category with a clear explanation of the import status, I feel you will have a great chance at success on eBay!
I find it funny that they only ask for the DOT bond release, DOT paperwork on cars. What about EPA paperwork. They are only asking for 1/2 of what is required. Just because a car is DOT compliant, does not mean its EPA compliant. 

What about any of the other modified cars listed on ebay that are no longer EPA compliant? Cars with modifications? Are they all listed as race cars? Non-running cars?

I responded back with:

"This vehicle is allowed to be used on road for up to 2500 miles per year. It is over 21 years old and EPA exempt, and Show or Display exempt.

Only paying attention to the NHTSA side of import, you are missing one whole complete side of importing.  Also allowing vehicles that have been modified to no longer be EPA compliant, and allowing people you to list them under the normal vehicles, you are doing a disservice to your customers, or me, because they are the same. 

How come you never ask for EPA paperwork on cars, only NHTSA paperwork? 

An imported vehicle must comply with both, and someone that legally imports a car should have both.  I have been working in the vehicle import and compliance business for over 14 years. This is my business and my industry."

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