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Feb 9, 2013

#383 : Hood Change : Nismo R32

#500 and #383 loaded on a trailer in Long Beach, CA

When I imported two Nismo Nissan Skyline GT-R's to the US under the Show or Display exemption, one was pretty original, the other had a few modifications on it. #383 looked like it had seen a little bit of a rough life, but the price was right, and a good friend purchased it once it landed.

Cosmetically it needed some work on the front lip, the trunk, and some paint work on the roof. The factory aluminum hood had hood pins installed. Inside there was some no name blue steering wheel, and a Japanese ass sized seat(which is like a US size XS). The car runs and drives well, so the cosmetics are the initial things we are going to tackle.  First was the interior. Jack over at VR Motoring just happened to have a stock R32 GT-R seat, so we picked that up one day. On the interwebs my friend found a nice Sparco steering wheel.

How #383 came from Japan

Next, another friend had a Top Secret hood for a gunmetal Nissan Skyline GT-R holding down some space in his garage.  This would be perfect to eliminate the hood pinned factory hood, and add some venting to the engine compartment.

Before and After. 

Sparco wheel and stock seat installed

Needed a place to store it without it getting damaged
Fitting the Top Secret hood
Fitting the Top Secret hood

Next up on the list is a new trunk, stock tail lights, getting rid of the Monster tach, radioing, wheels, and some paintwork.

I found this pic over at Gunmetal R32 GT-R on BBS LM's. Looks decent. Our friends over at VR Motoring have a ton of wheels, and can build some pretty crazy BBS wheels.

Some full polish RS with red caps?

Gold LM's?
Some Nismo wheels?

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