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Mar 16, 2013

Cleaning and Axleing in Long Beach

Nismo Nissan Skyline GT-R. Show or Display
I don't think that axleing is a word. It is now. When I looked over #500, before I drove it the first time, I noticed the right side outer CV boot was torn. Its a pretty common problem with the Nissan Skyline GT-R. As you drive, the grease that lubricates the CV joint eventually all gets tossed out, then the axle does bad things. So it is something that you want to take care of.  Since I was feeling like working on the car, starting on some cleaning and detailing, I decided it was a good time to hit the axle.

Remove the cotter pin from the outer end of the axle
Cotter pin and cap come off axle nut

36 mm socket to get the axle nut off
Removed the ABS/wheel speed sensor. You can see the torn boot

After the wheel speed sensor and nut, dropped the tie rod end. Removed the end link off the sway bar. Loosened up the top hat of the shock. Removed the lower ball joint. Disconnected the tension rod from the lower control arm.

Axle cleared of the hub.
The right side axle can be tough to remove

This shows how I got the axle free on the right side. There isn't much room, but one or sometimes two pry bars, and a hammer can pop the axle free. There is a clip in the front diff that retains the axle.

I have my car jacked up on the right side. However the front diff may leak some oil if the car is level.  After a couple of good hits, check and see if the axle is free.

Right side axle removed
Torn outer boot. 

I will change the inner and outer boot. Put some Neo HPCC grease in the ends(this is what Suzuki from Shift recommended).  Next will be the rest of the prep to get this thing on the track eventually. It needs front differential ,transmission, transfercase, and rear end fluid changes. Should think about a decent set of brake pads. The divided twin turbo pipe needs to get installed. I even have a front strut tower bar I picked up. There is a leak from the back of the passenger side valve cover(1/2 moon, they always leak). I have a set of spark plugs(BCPR7EIX) for it, and I should probably replace the coil harness. The Full Race  ETS Pro ATTESA controller, would also be worth it to install. This is going downhill?uphill? fast. ...Maybe this year.


Anonymous said...

So is there a technique so no diff. oil will leak? :)

We did the same last year and the oil leaked a little alright, and mechanic says it was fine and no need to top-up... true?

Sean Morris said...

If the car is level, it will leak a little. The fill on the front diff is "until it leaks out, of the filler hole". I would, and I am going to do a front diff service, so I am going to drain it anyway.

Anonymous said...

The car is jacked up and there was a little leak still. :/ We didn't top it up after. Hope it REALLY doesn't need one just like the mech. said.
BTW, the oil that leaked is that for the f.diff. or transfer case?

Sean Morris said...

The fill is just until you see it running out of the fill hole. Its not a precise thing. The oil is for the front differential. The transfercase is attached to the transmission.