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May 12, 2013

Sad Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 : Don't Try This at Home

If you have to carry two tires, a jack, and enough wood to build a fence, maybe rethink things.

Come on kids, don't fuck them up like this.  Colors, are a personal preference, not my style. Its unique I will give it that. A roof rack and storage box with two spare wheels and enough wood so you can drive the car up driveways? So low that there is no longer any travel in the suspension.   Fake ass Varrstoen wheels, a Volk Wheels TE37 knockoff, with a 225 tire stretched on a 10.5 inch.  If you want a guide on fucking up an R32, head over to illmotion. If you want to see a happy R32 GT-R, then check out this one.
I hate your fake wheels! JDMEGO

Varrstoen 2.2 18×10.5 et -15
225/40/18 dilente d7 thunder
25 Year Old Vehicle Importation to the USA. Legal Nissan Skylines and more. 


Riley said...

How unprofessional

Riley said...

and I'm talking the publisher of this article. who the fuck are you to say any thing. I don't know the owner of this car but I'm going to say your American obviously. and that is a Canadian car. go put your right to bare arms to use and put it to ur skull and pull the trigger u piece of shit. seem extreme? so is this article.

Anonymous said...

some people are sometimes extreme about things like this. but that is only because of the car enthusiast in them that is cringing at the fact that a R32 GTR is not being treated well or used for what it was intended to used for. i can understand that anybody has the right to do what they want with there car for its there money and they are the one driving it. but i personally hate to see beautiful legendary cars like this ruined just for a low non functional stance to "look cool" in. not that my opinion matters but i think that if someone wants to slam a GTR then for the looks. then go buy a GTS and add GTR cosmetic parts to it. then they get the looks of what they want and the oh so rare GTRs can continue to be used for real car enthusiasts that wants to tastefully mod there car for an increase of performance and not a decrease. Fair enough? at the end of the day every body has there own style and own life to make decisions in. just got to respect that and move on. thanks for reading lol

hotnbris said...

cars fucked, just like riley