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Jun 29, 2013

Fluids : Preparing a NISMO Nissan Skyline GT-R for a Track Day

The Nissan Skyline GT-R uses a number of fluids in its driveline. From the front of the car, you have engine oil, front differential, transmission, transfercase, and rear differential.  Most people have a preference for brands, I like Redline, as I have used their Heavy Shockproof  gear oil in a ton of cars, and it really works.

Nissan's recommendations on fluid types.

Engine Oil - 7.5 - 30 (10-30 for a street car, 15-50 on a track car) - 4.5 liters
Oil FilterOEM 15208-60U00  OEM R32  AY100-NS007 K & N HP-2008 MOBIL M1-208 WIX 51361 OEM(R34, smaller filter) 15208-9E000
Cooling System - Approximately 9 liters. Gycol or Water? Depends where you live.
Front Differential (F160) - GL5 85-90 1 liter - (1 quart)
Transmission fluid - Don't try and fill it though the gear shifter. Through the gear shifter is the transfer case . GL4 75-90 4.1 liters (4.3 quarts) in the R32 and R33.  The R34 Getrag uses specific fluid 08885-01306 from Toyota, or we have used Redline High Temp ATF, and Royal Purple ATF.
Transfercase - Nissan Automatic Fluid Type D 1.8 liters (1.9 quarts)
Rear Differential(R200) - LSD GL5 80-90 1.5 liter(1.5 quarts)

There are also two more separate hydraulic systems in the car. The power steering/HICAS, and the ATTESA system.

Power steering/HICAS says to use Nissan Power Steering fluid 0.9 liters, but we have never had an issue with Redline High Temp ATF.

ATTESA control side is Nissan Power steering fluid, but we have never had an issue with Redline High Temp ATF

Front differential drain and fill removed

I really didn't take many pictures while I was changing the fluids. With oil on my hands, laying under the car, I didn't much feel like it.

1) I always remove the fill plug before I take out the drain plug. I have occasionally had a fill that won't come out. Nothing worse than draining a fluid, and then not being able to put fluid back in. Front diff fill plug - 00931-2121A  .   Front diff drain plug (has a magnet)  32103-01A01

2) You need a decent pump to be able to pump Redline Heavy Shockproof  gear oil. Its pink, and thick, and um.  Its good stuff. They don't "recommend" it for synchro trans. I have ran it for years in R32/R33 trans. It even seems to magically "fix" some transmissions. At low temperatures, its very thick, so shifting can be a little notchy when cold. For the NISMO transmission, I decided to mix 1 quart of Heavy, with the rest Light Shockproof. I don't plan on any real power upgrades, or crazy drag racing for the car, so my mix should be ok. In the front diff, I ran straight Heavy Shockproof gear oil. In the rear I ran straight Heavy Shockproof gear oil.

3) The front differential takes about a quart of oil. You fill it until it starts to come out of the fill hole. We like Redline Shockproof Heavy for the front differential.

4) To reach the transmission filler, you need to remove the front propshaft. When you take the propshaft out, you give yourself much more room, when you take the (2) 14 mm bolts holding the slave cylinder to the transmission.  When you remove the propshaft, NO fluid will leak from the transfer.

5) Transfercase. The transfer uses ATF(automatic transmission fluid) to cool and lubricate the chain, clutch, and gears that splits out the engine torque as part of the ATTESA system. I ran Redline High Temp ATF.
For heavily-loaded vehicles, allowing operation at up to 70°F higher while maintain thicker viscosity than traditional ATFs

6) I filled the Rear differential with Heavy Shockproof gear oil. It also takes about a quart and a half. Shockproof makes it pretty grabby and noisy at low speeds. You will want to add some LSD additive to it to help quiet it down a little.

Along with doing the fluids, I purchased a NISMO steering wheel from ebay. At least it has a NISMO- correct logo, horn button in it. Its a little bit of an odd wheel, with buttons on the backside of it. It had a piece attached to the hub that I removed, then it bolted right up to the HICAS boss in the R32. Overall pretty happy with it.

NISMO stering wheel

Saw this NISMO catalog on Yahoo auctions in Japan. forum for discussion about importing vehicles over 25 years old to the US.


Anonymous said...

Sean. I'm doing a massive fluid change including engine oil and filter. I asked Mr. Hara to send me Nissan Matic D for my trasnfer case but he also sent me ET-S fluid as he said I'll need as well. My question is where do I change the ATESSA fluid besides the transfer case itself? Thanks, bud.

BTW, I'll be using your DIY to change the mission and Diffs.

Sean Morris said...

ETS doesn't really "need" to be changed. Its a power steering/hydraulic control fluid. Its not a bad idea for sure. As far as getting it out, you can either bleed it down at the bleeder on the back of the trasfer. Pull a line, or suck it out of the tank in the back of the car. Although all 3 will probably be necessary to do it. You don't need specific Type D, I have always used Redline High Temp ATF for both.

Anonymous said...

I did the fluid changes today. I've heard you mentioned Redline before but that's something that easily obtainable in JP. I didn't think changing the fluids would be so easy. The only thing I left out was the ATESSA fluid as it's more involved than I anticipated: