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Sep 15, 2013

There is No Replacement For Displacement: RB34

Peak the RB34 only did about another 35 horsepower than the RB30, but at 4000 rpms it was making nearly 150 more whp than the RB30. 
The RB engine lived life as a 2 liter, a 2.5 liter, a 2.6 liter(2568cc), and a 3.0 liter. The 3.0 liter version was a single overhead cam, with the smaller displacement engines having a twin cam setup. In the never ending quest for power, torque, and area under the curve, many people have slapped the RB25 or RB26 head on the 3.0 liter bottom end, and made a twin cam RB30.

However for some people, like Spool Imports, 3 liters just isn't enough, they build a stroker motor to take the RB30 out to 3.4 liters. How to build an RB34.

To give you a comparison an RB26 has a 73.7 mm stroke. An RB28 has a 77.7 mm stroke. The RB34 has a 94 mm stroke. The big power Supra guys have been doing the 3.4 liter for a while, now it is available in the Nissan RB world.

A comparison between the old RB30DET engine and the new RB34DET stroker engine is complete. The two engines are identical in every way except for the new 95mm stroker crank set up. The purpose of building two near identical engines was the only real way to make a true comparison between a RB30/25 and a RB34/25. The identical set ups consisted of the same ( turbo, boost, cams, cam timing, plenum, exhaust, exhaust manifold etc etc ).
We arent trying to make the most power or we wouldnt be using pump fuel and a medium frame old school T04Z, we are making a comparison.
EngineRod Length(mm)Stroke(mm)Rod/Stroke Ratio
SR20 Stroker136.3911.50
2JZ 3.4142941.51
CA18 Stroker13387.61.52
LS Stroker155.57101.61.53
CA18 13383.61.59
RB30152.5861.77 for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

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