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Sep 2, 2014

9 Second Twin Engine Pontiac GTP

I love sleepers, and weird is cool. This is a twin engine, turbocharged Pontiac GTP, making over 1000 hp according to the video. Two stock engines, and stock transmissions. 139 mph in the quarter is no joke. Fun. Much props out to these guys.

Ben's 9 Second GTP by Turbo Dynamics...
0-60 mph 1.8 seconds
0-100 mph 4.4 seconds
What's is crazy about this project is this is done on stock transmissions and stock engines as well.
TD turbo kits, TD tuning on the ecu and a Magnashift box to control the rear transmission. The rear transmission is from a Cadillac.

The track conditions were very hot and humid.
Racing done at Napierville dragway.

We broke the trans going for 9.4-9.5 seconds. We pushed it too hard off the line with 20 psi on the launch. We now know the limit of the stock Cadillac trans and will work around that and add power after the start.

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