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Sep 30, 2014

Nismo Clubman Race Spec Skyline GT-R : Speed Hunters

NISMO Clubman Race Spec R34 GT-R

NISMO hasn't given up on the R34 GT-R, releasing a new updated version with several new parts. This Clubman Race Spec uses a mix of Z-Tune, R35, and NISMO components to extract some more life out of the 15 year old chassis.

Check out the full feature and tons of outstanding pictures from Dino Dalle Carbonare at Speed Hunters. 

While Nismo won’t disclose any actual figures, it’s safe to say that with the modern additions – like the R35 injectors and retuned ECU – the Clubman Race Spec should easily develop 500hp. To meet that power Omori Factory has sat the factory Getrag six-speed gearbox on a set of stiffer transmission mounts and added in a Nismo Copper Mix twin-plate clutch. Up front the BNR34 runs a 1.5-way Nismo LSD, while the rear has been upgraded with a 3.9:1 final gear set, slightly tightening the ratios for optimum punch out of corners. This was always one of Mine’s secrets, along with a custom made LSD which made the car untouchable on the track. Extracting the most out of the driveline is the Nismo Z-tune Attesa ET-S ECU – a reprogrammed unit with much more aggressive settings that keeps the car in full AWD-mode for more of the time to take full advantage of the mechanical grip the system can generate. This works hand in hand with Öhlins DFV adjustable suspension and a full line-up of Nismo links and firmer sway bars.

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