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Friday, March 25, 2016

Nissan Skyline GT-R Axles or Driveshafts

Right side axle for an R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Axles, driveshaft, propshaft, half shafts, Constant velocity(CV) shafts often all refer to the same parts, but different regions of the world use different terms. To me, we call the shaft that extends from the front or rear differential to each wheel an axle. On the front because you not only have up and down, in and out, but back and forth movement, they have a tendency to wear overtime and split.  Once the boot splits, the grease is tossed out, and you will eventually get metal on metal operation and failure.

Axle removal for a Nissan Skyline GT-R. http://www.gtrusablog.com/2013/03/cleaning-and-axeling-in-long-beach.html

Split boot on an R32 GT-R front axle
If you take an axle to most decent axle rebuilding shops, they can figure out the boots that you need. They are not anything super unique. Its a little more difficult if you are doing it yourself, and need to figure out part numbers and cross references.  Below are the Nissan numbers, and I will fill in cross references as we get them.

Part numbers:

R32, R33, R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R
Front Left axle- 39101-23U60 (Alternate 39101-05U00) (Alternate 39101-23U00)
Inner boot - 39741-05U25 (Alternate 39741-05U26)
                 - 39741-05U89 is front left inner, cross compatible with 09+ GTR Thanks Rob
Outer boot - 39241-05U25 (Alternate 39241-05U26)

Front Right axle- 39100-23U60 ( Alternate 39100-05U00) (Alternate 39100-23U00)
Inner boot - 39741-05U25 (Alternate 39741-05U26)
Outer boot - 39241-05U25 (Alternate 39241-05U26)

Right side inner joint - 39711-05U00
Left side inner joint - 39711-35F10

Front outer boot kit - C9BDA-05U8H - available at Kudos

  • Superceeds
    •  C9BDA-05U86
    •  39241-05U86
    •  39241-05U85
    •  39241-05U25
    •  39241-05U26
    •  39241-23U25
    •  39241-23U26
    •  39241-50A90
    •  39241-50A92

Outer boot kit - 39241-17V87 (2 per car)
Inner boot kit - 39741-17V86 (2 per car)
Rear left side axle - 39601-05U00
Rear right side axle - 39600-05U00
39100-23U00 fits all these cars.  Right side axle fits R32, R33, R34, A31, C34, C35, AWC34

39101-23U00 fits all these cars  Left side axle fits R32, R33, R34, A31, C34, C35, AWC34

Driveshaft or Propeller Shaft

R32 - 37300-05U01
R33 - 37300-24U00
R34 -37300-AA300

Center Bearing

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