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Apr 9, 2016

Rarest R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R By Color and Type

326 - Crystal White - Series 1, but repainted from KH2
The GT-R Registry page has some really interesting information for all us GT-R nerds out there. They have helped to fill in a lot of blanks, for questions that I have had though the years.

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White or 326 Crystal White wasn't offered as an original color on the R32 until August 1991, however according to the data that GT-R Registry has, there were eight series one cars in white. These cars may have been test cars, or media cars, maybe very special orders?

However from August 1991 up, there were 8047 made, totaling 18% of the production run, 2nd most popular color overall.  Right behind the super not rare - KH2, or gunmetal grey.


Mark said...

I would say at least the first 5 are paint test cars:
010555/010561/010562/010566/010578 All very similar numbers.

210011 Blue Greyish Pearl also appears to be a paint test car in the BNR32 range.

Mark said...

Also if you just look at Series 2 and 3 combined, there are:
8047 326 31.0%
7449 KH2 28.7%

From 25953 cars

So white is actually more common!

Interestingly in series 2, KH2 is far more common, and then in series 3 326 is far more common.