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Aug 29, 2016

Series II Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 August 1991 to December 1992

Donked R32 GT-R.  Don't worry its not a real picture, you can put your pitchfork away.
The series II Nissan Skyline GT-R were released at the end of August in 1991, and are just now turning over 25 years old. There are a few changes with this middle upgrade, and they are listed below.
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The series II cars can easily be identified by their chassis number. BNR32-210001 is the first of the series. BNR32-223300 is the last of the series. More chassis number information at

Series III information
R32 Skyline GT-R Buyers Guide
R33 Skyline GT-R Buyers Guide
- 08/20/'91 Minor change. Middle model
Bar added in door (50kg weight increase)
Door bars are pretty obvious. Safety requirements, the cars gain 110 lbs

Late projector headlights in a GTS-t. Headlight information

Projector light modified(H3C->H1)
The near impossible to find in the western world H3c is replaced by the easy to find H1 bulb.
Driver's air bag optional
A very rare option. Only a few hundred cars with airbags over the R32 life.

Oil pump drive widened
From narrow to wide oil pump drive. More RB26DETT oiling information
Narrow oil pump drive

Wide oil pump drive

Cylinder block modified (reinforced partly and lighten)
Never seen or could figure out what this is.

Rear caliper seal modified
Never noticed it.

Interior partly changed
The early cars have a smooth finish on the radio surround and shifter surround. The later cars are textured.
Smooth finish, early car with a dash bubble

ModelGT-R MagazineGT-R Registry
Vspec II13031369
N1228245 Total
118 N1
64 Vspec N1
63 Vspec II

R32 GT-R(43934 GT-R Magazine, 43937 GT-R Registry) registration

1989-4555 GT-R Magazine  5003 GT-R Registry
1990-8426 GT-R Magazine  9232 GT-R Registry
1991-7081 GT-R Magazine  7367 GT-R Registry
1992-7961 GT-R Magazine  7644+2 GT-R Registry
1993-6204 GT-R Magazine  6349 +1 GT-R Registry
1994-7465 GT-R Magazine  8301 GT-R Registry

1989 -  chassis numbers 000054 to 005083 = 5029 cars                         
1990 -  chassis numbers 005084 to 013744 = 8660 cars                         
1990 - chassis numbers 100001 to 100560 = 560 cars                         
1990/1991 numbers out of order = 10 cars                         
1991a-   chassis numbers 013745 to 017467 = 3712 cars(minus 10 for 1990/1991)                       
1991b-  chassis numbers 212001 to 215653 = 3652 cars                         
1992 -   chassis numbers 215654 to 223298 = 7644 cars                         
1993a - chassis numbers 223299 to 223300 = 2 cars (1/93 only)                         
1993b - chassis numbers 300001 to 306348 = 6347 cars                         
1994 - chassis numbers 306349 to 314649 = 8300 cars                         
 Total of 43906 cars 1989-1994  (GTRUSABlog numbers)      

Dates of Production and Prices 8-21-1989 to 2-14-1994 

1st model 8-21-1989 
4,445,000 yen 
Nismo 3-11-1990
4,441,000 yen 
2nd model 8-20-1991 
4,510,000 yen 
3rd model 2-3-1993
4,545,000 yen 
Vspec 2-3-1993
5,260,000 yen 
Vspec II 2-14-1994
5,260,000 yen 

First         BNR32-000051
Last          BNR32-314649
Last VSpec    BNR32-313609 (10/13/94)
Last Vspec II BNR32-313930 (10/20/94)
Nismo         BNR32-100000~100560

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