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Oct 17, 2016

The Brake Lights on My Nissan Skyline Don't Turn Off:Taillights on

Photo by Karissa Hosek Photography

Do you have a Nissan Skyline, that the brake lights stay on, even with the car off?   If you do, there is probably an easy and inexpensive fix.

It is a common Nissan problem. There is a little stopper, that depresses the brake light switch, when your foot is off the brake pedal. When the little stopper gets old, and falls apart, the brake pedal switch turns the brake lights on.

According to FAST, the correct part number for the brake light stopper, and clutch pedal stopper is 46512-H0101.  The red highlighted part here 46512.  The correct parts are green, although we have also used part number 46584-S0100, which is clear.

46512-H0101 Brake light stopper for Nissan Skyline and many Nissans

It is an easy 5 minute fix, for a fairly common problem.

Some guys glue a coin there, some put a bolt, I like doing it correctly with the right parts. 

Brake lights don't work at all? The brake light switch is :  25320-75A00

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