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Nov 8, 2016

New Nissan GT-R World Record. 7.168@209 mph - EKanoo Racing

EKanooRacing's T1 R35 GTR NewWorld Record 7.168@209MPH

New R35, and GT-R all wheel drive world record.  209 mph is getting down. The car is a bit squirley going down the track. Looks like it might have wanted to cross the center line at the top end.

The first of what we hope is a number of new records this weekend at BDRC round one, our Nissan GTR has reset its own world record with a 7.168 at 209 run, which began with a new personal best 60 foot of 1.208. Our team has worked overtime on new developments for this car in the offseason and we are just now scratching the surface of what this new setup is capable of, stay tuned.Tuned by Wayne Potts & Magnus Motorsports Chassis Tuned by Josh Ledford Built by EKanooRacing , Kingdom of Bahrain

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