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Monday, January 09, 2017

Nissan Skyline GT-R : Installing a New Radio or Stereo or Headunit

While the magical sound of the RB26dett may be the only noise you need, the real life means I like a radio.  Our R32 GT-R had a Japanese Mini disc player head unit, that only picked up Radio Disney in the US(different frequencies 76-90ish).   Best Buy had a Pioneer headunit for $65, or right around $70 with tax. Very basic. I am well over my big stereo phase.

One option if you have a working radio is a cigarette lighter bluetooth adapter. They work pretty well to get bluetooth music from your phone to the car speakers.

Along with the radio, making the install a little easier are two adapters. The first is a NIS-A115 Nissan (1987 up) antenna adapter harness. That is from the Nissan twin connector to the standard single that almost all head units use.  However if you never use over the air radio, you can skip it if you ground the radio to a bolt. Otherwise the radio is grounded through the antenna.

The next harness to make life a little easier is the power and speaker connector adapter. NN02B (1982-1994 Nissan).

Install is pretty easy.

  1. Remove shift knob
  2. Remove shift boot
  3. Remove ashtray
  4. Remove stereo surround. (Careful these are now made of platinum, or priced like it)
  5. There are several self tapping screws that hold the AC and radio in.
  6. Once those screws are out, the A/C and radio comes out as assembly. 
  7. Most aftermarket radio's will fit right in with either OEM or supplied screws.

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