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Apr 6, 2017

Nissan Skyline GT-R Race Car Maintenance Schedule - R34 N1

R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R Super Taikyu
In the race car world, you can not afford to have a car break down. It costs thousands of dollars, and takes so much time and effort to get to the track, that not replacing items on an aggressive schedule just doesn't make sense.  Most street car people run a car until it breaks. Most will change the oil, maybe some other light maintenance, but not anything like this.

This schedule is for a race car, under race conditions.  Nethertheless it is interesting information. Most GT-R owners probably never think of a transmission overhaul, ATTESA pump, or rear differential overhaul on a schedule. This schedule was originally from Tetsuo Suzuki from Shift Racing. They ran the Falken R34 GT-R in N1, and at the Nurburgring.

Super Taikyu /N1 Schedule Replace/ Rebuild
Engine Overhaul 3000 km ~1800 miles
Power Steering Belts 3000 km ~ 1800 miles
Power-steering pump  6500 km ~4000 miles
Power-steering hose 4000 km ~2500 miles
Engine mount 4000 km ~2500 miles
Transmission mount 4000 km ~2500 miles
Front drive shaft 4000 km ~2500 miles
Front hub 4000 km ~2500 miles
Front Caliper Seal  600 km ~ 400 miles
Transmission overhaul 1000 km ~600 miles
Transfer case Overhaul 13000 km ~8000 miles
Rear Differential 5000 km ~3000 miles
Rear drive shaft 5000 km ~3000 miles
Rear hub 4500 km ~2800 miles
Rear caliper seals 1000 km ~600 miles
ATTESA ETS pump overhaul 1 race
Engine oil 1 race
Front diff fluid 1 race
Transmission fluid 1 race
Rear diff fluid 1 race
Transfer fluid 1 race
Power Steering Fluid 3 races

R32 GT-R at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

For a street car this schedule is a little more realistic. 
How Much Maintenance Does a Stock R32 Need?

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