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Jun 13, 2017

PSA : Nissan Dataplate : Blueplate : Engine Displacement is Not the Year of the Vehicle

After several panicked calls from customers, and others asking why the car we sold them was a 1998, we have had to make this handy little picture.

1998 indicates displacement of the engine, as can be seen by the cc. RB20DET, 2.0 liter, or rounded up from 1998 cc to 2.0. The next line indicates transmission, in this case FSE71C, 5 speed, and the RC43 indicates 4.3 gear ratio.

The SR20 is also 1998 cc of displacement. Do not try and call us out on a car, saying we are selling a non legal car, because you don't know the difference between 1998 cc, and a 1998 vehicle.

Please stop making this error.

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