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Mar 11, 2018

Worlds Quickest Stock Bottom End RB-26 GTR?

Worlds Quickest Stock Bottom End RB-26 GTR? It would appear that is the case, and it’s about time! Battling the blues of basement 10’s, Andrew has been aiming to break the barrier into the stock bottom end RB-26 record! Seeking out the true potential of this RB platform, this engine has been gradually pushed harder and harder while Andrew has kept his fingers crossed! This progress of this Nissan GTR owned and piloted by Andrew Hawkins of Jet Multimedia, can be found on MotiveDVD’s Youtube channel where they dive into the build in greater detail! Now that the goal has been achieved, Andrew and the MotiveDVD team have much bigger plans for the car while still retaining the street and track performance this car was truly built for!

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