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Wednesday, April 25, 2018


On 21/04/2018, we took our Nissan Qashqai-R, fitted with an R35 GT-R engine to VMAX 200 (RAF Kendrew) and took the 'WORLD RECORD' for 'SUV TOP SPEED previously help by Toyota at 230MPH with our 237.6MPH! Massive thanks to Mike Little (the driver), the technicians who built the vehicle (Jack, Goat and Gav), and Romain (Syvecs) for the mapping & taming of the beast! Further thanks are due for our friends and supporters... Albins - The best brand of performance transmissions capable of handling huge power outputs, their components are second to none. ETS - The manufacturer and powerful turbocharger systems, capable of providing the boost for our custom SVM Forged Nissan R35 GT-R engine. ASNU - The builders of the best Motorsport Injectors. Romain - In our opinion, the best mapper or Syvecs who brought out the best in the Qashqai. KW Suspension - Providing the excellent quality suspension systems for this GT-R. K&N Air Filters - To allow our beast to breath! Racelogic - For the VBOX to capture this moment we take the record! Facebook Twitter @SVM_GTR Instagram @Severnvalleymotorsports Website 01952 583 917 Severn Valley Motorsport is the UK's & Europes largest Nissan R35 GT-R Specialists. Tuning, Modifications, Servicing, Sales.

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

How Much Does a Stock R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R Wheel Weigh?

Last time we weighed a stock 16x 8+30 R32 GT-R wheel.   This time we weigh a R33 GT-R 17x 9 +30 wheel.  The R32 GT-R wheel weighed 17 lbs.  Any guesses to the R33 wheel weight?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

RB26 Split Air Pipe Service - Divided Twin Turbo Pipe

Split Twin Turbo Pipes by 

Alex Rodriguez Split Twin Turbo Pipe service.  Alex does the best work around on these pipes.   Why do you want to put a divider in the twin turbo pipe? 
$180 no core -send me yours I modify and ship back-takes the longest
$220 modified y-pipe ready to bolt on. Core required. Ships immediately..

I have tried to source Y-pipes here so you guys are not going days without yours cars. Unfortunately the prices some guys are selling them won’t allow me to even sell the service.
Once I get the pipe give me 24-48hrs to do the service and ship back. Yes I cover shipping back to you.
The Y-pipe gets cut completely in half. I weld the plate between and reshape the coupler sealing area. After it’s done i sandblast it ,solvent wash, and clean the with acetone. Finally give it a fresh coat of VHT aluminum."

To contact Alex - check out this post.

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Monday, April 09, 2018

Video from Open House 3-4-2018

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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Oil Cooler : Nissan Skyline GT-R 2018 Upgrades

R34 GT-R, C-West bumper, ARC oil cooler

Its a good idea if you are going to go on a track, or do any high speed driving with the car to put an external oil cooler on the car. On a track, it only takes a few laps in cool outside temps to get the oil temps above the 110C range. As important as the cooler itself, is the ducting to and through the cooler core.

We bolded and underlined that last line, because it is very important. If you look at any modern car, or look at any kind of race car, ducting in and out of the core of a cooler is managed. Air is lazy. It takes the path of least resistance. Since you bought the cooler, you want the air packed at the front of it to pass though the core, not pass around it. By adding proper ducting, the air will pass though the core, raising efficiency tremendously.

More oil cooler information. 

We had this question recently, what is out there as a kit for a BNR32 Nissan Skyline GT-R.  So lets see.  With an oil cooler you want the largest lines possible. You want the least amount of 90 degree fittings possible.  Steel braided lines, and a remote oil filter mounts are big pluses.  If you don't want to make up your own kit, here are a few off the shelf that you can buy

HKS Type S Oil cooler kit for Nissan Skyline GT-R (mount your oil cooler with the fittings up)

HKS Type S Oil Cooler Kit
  • 15 row cooler
  • Thermostat
  • Mounting location: Left inner fender
  • -12 AN fittings and Lines
  • Air guides(important to improve cooler efficiency. 
  • Cost - Around $1100

Greddy 13 row oil cooler kit

Greddy 13 row oil cooler kit (Fender)
  • 13 Row NS1310G
  • Thermostat Type: In center block
  • -10AN fittings and lines
  • Mounting location: Core: Left inner fender
  • Fender protector and bumper modification needed
  • Cost - About $1200
13 row is not a huge oil cooler, but the biggest offered by Greddy. This kit has the remote mount, and mounting for the oil cooler itself. 

Greddy 10 row oil cooler kit-radiator
Greddy 10 row oil cooler kit (Radiator)

  • 10 Rows NS1010G
  • Thermostat Type: In center block
  • Mounting location: In front of radiator
  • Cost - About $750

Greddy 10 row cooler kit - fender
Greddy 10 row oil cooler kit (Radiator)

  • 10 Rows NS1010G
  • Thermostat Type: In center block
  • Mounting location: Left fender
  • Fender protector and bumper modification needed
  • Cost - About $750

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Other Options: 

1) Make your own oil cooler kit.  You need a core, fittings, and a filter adaptor. It is not a difficult thing, but once you piece one together, you realize how expensive it can be.  Don't buy a shitty core. Buy a Setrab oil cooler core.  Use -12 AN fittings and line. Use the least number of 90 degree fittings possible. Try and duct air through the core, that is in and out.

2) Used oil coolers.  Buying a used oil cooler, is kind of like buying used underwear.  Some people are into that, but you want to make sure you clean them really well before you use them.  An ultrasonic cleaning, of the oil cooler, not the underwear, is in order.  A perfect example of a unique setup is the ARC below.

ARC Oil cooler kit

ARC Oil Cooler

  • No longer available new
  • Mounts behind grill
    • Advantage it is in a safe position, and gets lots of cool air
    • Disadvantage it heats the air going to condenser, and the radiator
  • Mad JDM points
  • Cost - About $2000

NISMO oil cooler condensor mount
  • No longer available new
  • The AC condenser gets smaller, and the cooler is part of the assembly
    • Advantage it is in a safe position and gets lots of cool air
    • Disadvantage, your AC might not work as well
    • Cost - Good luck finding one. But in the Japanese auctions around $1500