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Nov 6, 2018

2000 Horsepower : Street Legal R32 GT-R

2000 horsepower RB30 powered Nissan Skyline GT-R - R32

Check out this video. It is an RB30 block, with a Nitto 3.2 liter stroker kit in it. ProMod 91 Turbo Shimless buckets in the head.  Turbo 400 with an adapter to the Nissan transfer case.  Hydraulically operated. Rear differential is a  Ford 9 inch IRS setup, mated to the factory subframe.  7.00@199mph is moving.

With over 2000 HP at 75 PSI the Maatouks Racing King32 GTR has run a 7.00 @ 199 MPH making it the quickest and fastest street legal GT-R on the planet running radial tyres. At this year's World Time Attack Challenge we had the chance to take a look.

Head tuner Mitch runs HPAs Andre through quite a comprehensive list of topics in this interview which include the somewhat surprising fact that the car runs a cast iron RB30 block alongside its Nitto Performance Engineering 3.2L stroker kit, Maatouks cylinder head package, Hypertune manifold, Haltech Elite 2500 ECU and Precision Turbo & Engine Pro Mod 91mm turbocharger. The car puts power to the ground a Turbo 400 3 speed trans via 4wd setup that is also controlled by the Haltech ECU instead of the factory electronics.

Among the topics are C02 boost control, shimless cylinder head conversions, torque split as the car barrels down the strip, 2 step trans brake, nitrous and the dry sump setup which sees the main tank up the front of the car due to weight balance not being much of a concern for the application. When and why the team will switch to a billet block is also touched on along with data logging and how it’s used to help dial in the car to go faster and faster.

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