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Nov 7, 2018

DOT and SAE Headlight Conversion for R32 Skyline

The OEM R32 headlights, sort of suck.  The early projectors use a H3c bulb which isn't great as a low beam headlight. Plus they are aimed for RHD countries. The later projector is better, the normal Skyline, or "N1" light I think is even better.  However the guys at Organized Garage Status have come up with a complete headlight conversion.  Some areas in the US - Hawaii we are looking at you- require DOT headlights to be legally registered.   At $600 - $1100 it isn't inexpensive, as you still need a core, but it is a nice solution.  They only list GT-R on their site, but it shouldn't require too much work to fit any Skyline.

• Clear Lens Conversion (DOT & SAE Compliant)
• Projector Retrofit (RHD - LHD Conversion)

Don't tell me you purchased a JDM classic just to switch over to Honda Accord headlights every year to pass state inspections in your area? 7 months ago we took on the task of developing a conversion kit to not only turn Godzilla from being right hand sighted to left hand, but also give it an updated look and a much brighter and powerful set of eyes. It wasn't an easy walk in the park, but alas, the long wait is over!
The DIY Kit comes complete with the almighty Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0, conversion brackets, all necessary nuts, bolts, washers & spacers, and the clear lenses with the DOT/SAE markings. Purchase our in-house brand HID Kit, Horus Lighting, which comes with a lifetime warranty and outstanding performance, together with the H3-9006 adapter for a plug-n-play, worry free lighting system with no guessing games.

*Meets or exceeds factory standards.
*Conversion kit DOT/SAE compliant.
*Stock low beam bulbs are converted from H3 to D2S/D2R bulb size.
*Factory headlight core not included in DIY Kit.
*Etching on the projector lenses are not standard with the kit and are for promotional use only. This service is available separately.

Headlight Switch- Combo for R32 Skyline 25160-01U03

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