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Jun 17, 2019

How to Replace the Air Conditioning Coil on an R32 Compressor

Replacing the A/C compressor clutch in car. Poor People Racing

The other Sean, Sean Kirby at Poor People Racing in Florida, just posted some pictures and information about replacing the air conditioning compressor clutch on a Nissan Skyline compressor.

If your A/C isn't working, and you are blowing the 10 amp air conditioning fuse, most likely the compressor clutch has gone bad.  In the past, the only option was a new compressor.  Since the new compressors are very difficult and expensive to get, this is a great option for those that want to have functional air conditioning.

We have a customer with a R12 charge and a bad A/C coil, so we are doing this in car. I had a spare compressor and decided to show how this is removed and how the new compares to the old.
Doing this in-car is quite the challenge, but can be done if you progress slowly, We removed the radiator as it was being upgraded as well.
First step is to remove the center bolt in the clutch housing, Next is to use the 3 threaded holes and a puller to remove the clutch face.
Next is to remove the snap ring off of the main clutch, and attach a pulley puller to the outside of the pulley and slowly pull off, keep an eye to make sure the unit is pulling straight off, any binding or off center pulling may destroy the bearing.
Once removed you are faced with the toughest part if it is in car, the magnetic clutch snap ring. once this is removed, the coil will basically fall away.
Reassembly is basically the reverse of disassembly, but the coil has to be clocked correctly, the resistor on the rear has to be at the 12 o'clock position, there is a dimple that fits at the 11 o'clock position that will clock it correctly
New replacement A/C compressor clutch, old crusty A/C clutch from an R32. 
Head over to the Poor People Racing website to get ahold of Sean, to help repair the AC on your Nissan Skyline.

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