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Aug 2, 2019

Cup Holders for Nissan Skyline

The only reason an R34 GT-R is better than an R32 GT-R. :-)
Cupholders.  Every new car sold in the USA is required by law to have at least 14 cupholders.  Pretty sure that is some FMVSS or EPA/ARB requirement.

Maybe not, but it does make drinking and driving a lot safer and easier.  Coffee. Drinking and driving with coffee, or soda, or whatever is legal where you are from.   There are also some pretty universal types of cupholders. Ones that go into the vents, some that stuff down the side of the seat. Some that clip to the door.  If you need it, it may already exist.

Nissan R32 optional cupholder
The Nissan optional cupholder for the R32 GT-R is a cool piece.  Will hold two drinks, out of the way. The center console lid gets a little taller.  However in real life, every time you shift, your elbow knocks the drink. So great in theory, not as good in practice.  If you drive in a place like Los Angeles, where you are in traffic and shifting constantly this can be an issue.

3d printed Nissan Skyline cupholder
3D printed cupholders.  This is one of those parts that makes me chuckle a bit.  Someone makes a 3d printed cupholder to go in the center console of an R32 GT-R, and 12 other people make the same exact thing.  Of all the parts that break, wear out, or could be redesigned,  guys just copy each other on a very simple piece.   However they do work, there are some options, so if you are looking for one, here are a few places to find them.

JL Design Cupholders

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