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Aug 27, 2019

Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R Emblems : We Don't Need No Stinking Badges

R32 GT-R badges and emblems

The R32 GT-R has unique rear GT-R badges, color keyed to the body color.  Most all of them are discontinued (2-22), or fairly expensive to buy. 

H4896-RHR20  Unpainted rear R32 Badge

63896-05U00 side badges (GT badge) DISCONTINUED
63896-RHR20 side badges (GT badge) Heritage

84896- RHR21 AH3 emblem Heritage part at Nismodirect

84896-05U01 AH3 rear emblem DISCONTINUED
84896-05U02 KG1 rear emblem DISCONTINUED
84896-05U03 KH2  rear emblem DISCONTINUED
84896-05U04 TH1 rear emblem DISCONTINUED
84896-05U05 732 rear emblem   DISCONTINUED 
84896-05U07 BL0 rear emblem DISCONTINUED
84896-05U10 326 rear emblem DISCONTINUED
84896-05U11 KL0 rear emblem DISCONTINUED

Vspec II sticker - 84896-RHR20
Underhood emissions sticker - 14808-05U00

Gunmetal or KH2 GT-R with a Gunmetal GT-R badge

R33 GT-R badges and emblems

84896-24U00 R33 GT-R rear badge

84896-24U00 R33 GT-R rear badge

R34 GT-R badges and emblems

84896-AA400 - R34 GT-R Rear badge

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