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Sep 4, 2019

1989-1994 Nissan Skyline Instrument or Speedometer Clusters

An R32 GT-R speedometer cluster. Notice the front torque meter, 10k rpm tach. 
There are several different instrument clusters, or speedometers for the R32 version of the Nissan Skyline.   The speedometer is cable or mechanically driven from either the transmission or in the case of GTS4/GT-R from the transfer case.

White face Nismo 320 km/hr speedometer cluster. 11k tach
Since the OEM clusters only read to 180 km/hr or about 110 mph, it was popular to change the speedometer head for one that read higher.  Most people then, didn't take into account what that would do for the mileage indicated on the vehicle, however 30 years later, it makes it difficult to trust the mileage on the cluster.  Unless a vehicle has records, it is impossible to determine a swapped clusters, and therefore cars true mileage.

There are also two different R32 GT-R clusters, they are identifiable by the color of the trace on the back of the cluster. The later cluster adds the provisions for an airbag light.

More than you ever wanted to know about R32 Speedometer clusters. From 23gt

Some of the speedometer cluster part numbers.

24811-03U00 - Housing Meter Comb, Lower  89-05 to 91-08
24811-03U60 - Housing Meter Comb, Lower 91-08 up
25065-51E10  -Chime Assy - Warning  - Aka the dinger!
24813-03U00 - Cover front meter (clear plastic) 89-05 up


All the bulbs are 14V- 3.4 watt

A. 24860-35F00 Socket and Bulb Assy
     Orange Base
     Toshiba V2

B. 26260-T8002  Bulb
     This says bulb only, but includes a socket
     Turn signal

C. 24860-40F01  Socket and Bulb Assy

D. 24860-40F02  Socket and Bulb Assy

E. 24860-35F01 - Socket and Bulb Assy


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