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Oct 22, 2019

Finally Running the Bluecar on the Dyno : Results

Finally got around to getting the #bluecar on the dyno. Last R's Day I was running it at 8-9 psi and it was doing ok.  Kept the boost low, and the fuel octane high.  It had enough injector to support E85. Installed the Innovate ECB-1 a little while ago, Ernie Fixmer installed the 02 sensor bung, and a few other things the car needed to be closer to being ready for R's Day 2019.

Full 2019 specifications for the bluecar are here -

Many of the things didn't happen, or plans changed.  It was still on the same AEM dryflow air filters, no stock airbox.  It was on an unknown fuel pump, which turned out to be the stock fuel pump.  I had a Hellcat pump ready to go in, but with R's Day, and our Open House it was difficult to get enough time to make it happen.  Also changes like this, only a day or two before an event, are not the best idea.

Since the new plans are to sell the car, I didn't want to go too crazy with parts that I can use on the new R33 project, Big Bird II.

444 horsepower at 14 psi.  328 horsepower at 8-9 psi.  RB26dett. HKS 2540 turbos. Tomei 260 cams

On the dyno at Church Automotive Testing, the car made 328 hp at 8-9 psi of boost.  About what I figured it would make.  When we started to crank up the boost, we ran out of pump at around 19 psi, 500 whp, and 6000 rpm.  We knocked boost back to 14 psi and the car did 444 hp.  That was a decent number, and good enough to get it around track.    Ethanol was right at about 70%.

First fill was 63% ethanol. 

First fill with E85 to the bluecar.  The mix, plus blend was right about 63% ethanol. 

Loaded up the bluecar, and the 2.8 with Emergency Hookers towing. 

Lots of GT-R's at R's Day 2019 in the US. 

Out on track at Buttonwillow

Not having enough fuel pump, meant that I did take the time swap the pumps out last Friday night.   Stuck the Hellcat 525 l/hr pump with a Hydramat in the car.  Removed the stock fuel pump. Not 100% happy with the install, but it keeps the stock box, and the parts all fit.  Have to test it out, and get the car back on the dyno.  See where the next weak point is.  Probably will run out of MAF before we run out of anything else.

The two different Holley Hydramats that I tried. I was thinking to use the large one outside the box. 

Looking at the Hellcat pump, and the small Hydramat

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