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Monday, December 16, 2019

Lost Key : Key Cutting : Key Code Location For Nissan Skyline

Did you lose your key for your Nissan Skyline? Is the old key so worn down that it doesn't work? Do not fret, it is possible to get a new key cut from a code located on the drivers side door handle.

The master key for the car, will also have a 4 digit code, the same code stamped in it.  However if you don't have the master, or lost all the keys, you obviously won't have these numbers. 

Sean Kirby from Poor People Racing posted information on how to go about getting a new key for your car. 

If you have lost your key, you will need to either have an original key, or remove the drivers door handle from your vehicle. On the lock tab of the drivers door handle is the factory key code (4 digit number)
Take that key to a locksmith and have them cut a Z32 key blank (cheap one) . The code process is X0000 You supply the key code from your lock, and they add X to the beginning. If you have an original key, the 4 digit code will be on the key itself.
Having the door lock with you allows the locksmith to test the key on site, Door Lock and ignition is the same tumbler. Trunk is missing a few. Glove box lock is also missing a few.

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