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Dec 10, 2019

What Alternator, Power Steering, or A/C Belts Fit on an RB26?

Accessory belts drive the power steering pump, water pump, the air conditioning, alternator, and fan.  On an RB26 there are three belts.  The R32 uses different length belts than the R33/R34.

Belts have a range they will work within.  Most accessories allow you too fit slightly shorter or longer belts, but you are best to go for the correct listed sizes. However it is possible to find cars that over their lives had pulley or part changes, so these belts may not work.  It is best to verify with a part number on the belt if possible.

All the RB26 belts are a 4PK belt.  That means they are a 4 rib belt.    Then the next number is the length in mm.    So a 4PK950 belt is a 4 rib belt 950 mm in length.

R32 GT-R

4PK950  Power Steering Belt
950 mm = 37.4 inches

4PK925 AC Belt
925 mm = 36.5 inches

4PK880 Alternator, Water pump, and Fan belt
880 mm = 34.6 inches

Other Nissan Skyline Accessory belts

Belts- RB26 R32 4 Ribs
AC- 925 mm
Power Steering- 950 mm
Fan- 880 mm

RB26 R33/R34- 4 Ribs
AC- 910 mm
Power Steering- 969 mm
Fan- 875 mm

R32- RB25
AC- 4 ribs 925mm
PS- 3 ribs 845mm
Fan- 4 ribs 860mm

R32- RB20
AC- 4 ribs 925mm
PS- 3 ribs 855mm
Fan- 4 ribs 860mm

R33- RB25
AC- 4 ribs 910mm
PS- 3 ribs 845mm
Fan- 4 ribs 850mm

AC- 3 ribs 910mm
PS- 3 ribs 855 mm
Fan- 4 ribs 850mm

R34- RB25/RB20 - 4 Ribs
AC- 910mm
PS- 865mm
Fan- 890mm

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