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Dec 6, 2019

Electric Fan Testing and Inspection - OEM fan Nissan Skyline GT-R R32

Behind this ARC oil cooler is the OEM sub electric fan

The OEM electric fan in an R32 GT-R has a themoswitch that turns it on at 194F, and off at 181 F.  It is around a 10 inch fan, with four plastic blades. It has a metal protective screen on it.

We bought an anemometer to try and measure some actual airflow in and around the fans.  The OEM clutch fan moves a ton of air, and does a pretty good job of keeping most cars cool. The sub fan is there to help prevent some overheating. 

When you are moving, there should be more air flowing though the radiator and around the engine than any fan, clutch or electric would ever flow. However it never really seems to work out like that in real life.

R32 OEM Fan - 21060-55S01
R33 OEM Fan Blade -21060-75T01
Late R33/R34 OEM Fan Blade (96 R33, R34, AWC34)- 21060-5L300 
Clutch coupling  R34 -21082-24U00 (21082-RHR30 Nismo Heritage)

Look for some test results coming up in the future.

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