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Jan 30, 2020

Nissan Skyline GT-R Brake Master Cylinders and Rebuild Kits

BM57 brake master cylinder. 1 1/16th inch bore. Rear line which goes to front calipers is split with block.
There are several brake master cylinders that were used on the R32 versions of the Nissan Skyline GT-R.  The R33 and R34 GT-R all had a BM57 brake master cylinder.

When you press on the brake pedal, which is a type of lever, the other end actuates a rod that moves the piston in the master cylinder.  The R32 GT-R came with both BM44 (15/16th piston) and BM50 (1 inch piston), not sure exactly how those broke out.  However translating from Japanese, it seems like the three port BM44 was used on the Nismo, and possibly the N1, along with the GTS-t R32.  All the other R32 GT-R got the BM50 master cylinder at 1 inch.

The larger the diameter of the piston, the more fluid it moves. When you swap out to larger calipers, you want a larger piston in the master to be able to move more fluid down at each caliper.

Something we just were looking at, is the 2 and 3 port versions of the master cylinders. The BM44 it seems is a 3 port used with non-ABS cars, and the BM50 being a 2 port used with ABS.

Does a brake master cylinder stopper work?

Brake Master Cylinder
  • OEM Sumitomo R32 GT-R and GTS-t (Nismo and N1 maybe?)
    • BM44
    • Nabco 
    • 3 port (No ABS)
    • 15/16" piston  (23.8125 mm)
    • 46010-02U20
  • BM50 - Also OEM R32 GT-R and R32 GTS-t 4WD
  • OEM Brembo R32 GT-R Vspec/R33 

ABS removed. Rear port, which controls the front calipers is tee'd off. This is a BM57 master cylinder

  • R32 GTR (Non V-Spec, Nismo)
    BM50 master
    Master Cylinder diam (mm)25.4 area 506.71mm²
    Front Caliper Piston(diam x qty)40.4×4 = 5127.58mm²
    Front rotors (diam x thk)296×32
    Rear Caliper Piston(diam x qty)38.18×2 = 2289.78mm²
    Rear Rotors (diam x thk)297×18
    Brake to master ratio14.63
  • R32 GTR V-Spec / R33 / 34 GTR with Brembos
    BM57 master
    Master Cylinder diam (mm)26.9 mm 568.32mm²
    Front Caliper Piston(diam x qty)(44+3Cool×2 ... leading pistons smaller then trailing 5309.29mm²
    Front rotors (diam x thk)324×30
    Rear Caliper Piston(diam x qty)40×2 2513.27mm² ratio FR = 2.1125
    Rear Rotors (diam x thk)300×22
    Brake to master ratio13.76

Brake Reservoir Cap 46020-V5010

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