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Feb 13, 2020

Built By Legends Mines R32 GT-R

Built By Legends Mines R32 GT-R
Built by Legends is a Japanese company that is helping bring your grandest JDM dreams to life. They are currently working on two ground up, over the top builds for two Japanese classic cars, the Nissan Skyline GT-R, and the Honda Civic.  Both cars are over 25 years old, and will be coming to the US. 

The Honda Civic is being built by Spoon, and the R32 GT-R is being built by Mines.  If you know JDM, you know both companies, so expect some great things.   For now, here are a few pictures of the R32 being built, alongside the Mines R34 GT-R Vspec N1 undergoing a refresh.  #bbl

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Mines R34 Vspec N1 on the rotisserie

Mines Vspec N1 bumper

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