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Apr 27, 2020

How the GT-R got into Fast & Furious - Sean Morris Podspeed #17

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In this special Podspeed lockdown edition 2, we speak with Sean Morris of Toprank Vehicle Imports. Toprank is the premiere GT-R importers in the United States as you have seen in some of our other videos.  Sean was part of MotoRex, who were the original importers of the Nissan Skyline GT-R in the early 2000's and provided the GT-R for The Fast and the Furious. We talked to him about how he got into GT-Rs,  about the rise and demise of MotoRex, what it was like to provide cars for the Fast & Furious franchise and lots lots more. 
03::37 Intro
05:00 R32 GT-R and 25 Year old cars
18:20 Family business and onto MotoRex 
27:09 Buying back the MotoRex R34
31:13 Driving Paul Walker around the Universal lot
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Fast and Furious 4 costume
Fast and Furious 4 costume

RB powered Mustang

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