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Apr 27, 2020

Flip Up Positive Battery Terminal Cover for R32 GT-R

The OEM battery cover/fusible link terminal is a two piece deal.  The problem is that the positive terminal is more often than not, missing. 25, 30 year old cars. Jump starting, moving around, and that little red cover is missing.   So the advantage of seeing a ton of cars, I saw a car we had, with a flip up positive battery terminal cover. It all looked like it fit like OEM, had the fusible links.

24347-40U05 Terminal Connection
24345-40U05 Positive Battery Terminal Cover

Normal R32 Cap Terminal, Terminal Fusible , and Link Fusible

12 volt battery lithium iron phosphate for Nissan Skyline
12 volt battery lithium iron phosphate for Nissan Skyline

Battery terminal types
Normal Skyline GT-R battery terminals are JIS or pencil post

Most modern cars use a large fuse to provide power to the vehicle accessories.  On the R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R, there are two terminals from the positive terminal of the battery.  One has a easily replaceable fusible link.    Even though the lid of the fusebox under hood, shows a 75 amp Main fuse, it is not in the box of an R32 GT-R.

Cap - 24345-51E64
Terminal   -24347-51E64
Fusible Link - 24022-F6100

A fusible link is a type of electrical fuse, made from a piece of wire, smaller than the wire it is protecting. The fusible link, can and will deteriorate over time.  We have seen some that look fine externally, but you will have odd things happen if the wires are bumped, or if the car is driven.

If you lose the fusible link on an R32 GT-R, you will lose the dash lights, you will lose the ignition coils, but you can still have ECU, fuel pump, and the car will crank over.  It just won't start.

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