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Apr 18, 2020

How To Troubleshoot a Misfire on a Nissan Skyline

How to troubleshoot a misfire on a Nissan Skyline
How to troubleshoot a misfire on a Nissan Skyline

Do you have a misfire on your Nissan Skyline?  Whether it is RB20, RB25, RB26, single turbo, twin turbo, or naturally aspirated, everything is fairly similar.  Is it fuel related? Is it ignition related? Is it a MAF issue?  In order to help identify your issue, and help you out with your issue, you need some proper tools, and you need some observation in order to start. 

Troubleshooting an issue is a lost art.  I know you want the answer right now, but slow your jets, youngster.  The only troubleshooting skills many people have, are asking a question on a forum, or group, then get 25 different people, give them 25 different things to try.  While that information can help, it also can hurt.  It can hurt your pocketbook, because randomly replacing every single part in a system, will probably eventually get it fixed.  

However with some troubleshooting, you should be able to narrow down your issue.  Common issues are COMMON.  There are some issues that are tough, because electricity, and power can do some odd things. If your car is fairly stock, then the information below will for sure help you.  If it isn't stock, then you may have to unfuck, whatever someone did to it, before you can fix it. 

R32 GT-R Service Manual from Australia
R32 GT-R Service Manual from Australia

  •  Download the Service Manual
    • Read the service manual
    • I did say read the service manual
    • There are flow charts to diagnose specific problems. Start there. 
    • There is a ton of information in the service manual that will help you, but you have to read it. 
    • The check engine light on these cars, only seems to come on, if the engine drops out, or the cat overtemp wires touch together when you remove it wrong. 
  • Buy a Diagnostic Scan tool/cable/bluetooth that will read the Consult Port
    • None of the R32, R33, or R34 Skylines have OBD II. Your OBD II reader will not work, unless it supports Consult
    • Gather some data from the scan tool.  Use that to have something to present to people, that may be able to help you with your problem
    • Consult is very basic for codes, but it will show you enough data to get started. 
    • Nissan Datascan
  • You aren't at this step yet. Go back to step #1.
  • You for sure aren't here yet, unless you have data. 

Nissan Datascan for Nissan Skyline

Nissan Consult port

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