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May 28, 2020

Dipstick : My Dipstick Keeps Popping Out : RB26dett

To start off, that title sounds more like a personal issue, but we won't go there.  If your oil level dipstick keeps popping out of your turbocharged car, you are probably pressurizing the crankcase.  The o ring or dipstick may not be in a good enough shape to keep the dipstick in place.  The easy fix is just to minimize blow buy, right?

The first thing to do, if you have popped the dipstick out, is to check the engine compression. It could be the sign of a hurt engine.   . Also clean up all the oil. We like Simple Green Pro HD in a spray bottle, and hot water in a spray bottle.  Make sure you clean off the top of the front differential. 

If the compression check is good, and you have no other reason to suspect anything, then the next is to have a real good look at the dipstick tube, and dipstick itself.  The stick is probably 25 to 30 years old, and may just need to be replaced.  It's a $20 part and normally in stock in the US.  Guys like Tacoma Nissan have them in stock. 

RB26 dipstick fits R32 R33 and R34 GT-R
11140-05U02  RB26dett dipstick

The next trick is something that we do on race cars to keep the dipstick in place. There are a few different ways to do this, just this way on a RB is fairly easy, and you probably already have the pieces to make it work. The first part is one of the coil wire retainers, and a 10mm bolt, which already exists under the collector.  The coil wire retainers are fairly pliable.  The R34 Super Taikyu dipstick was held in place like this. 

Now this will not always hold your dipstick in place, but it should increase the chances it stays in place, during a open lapping session, or a real race.   If you have hurt the engine, and it is pushing some oil, the last extra thing you need is it popping the dipstick and spraying oil out of that orifice, too. 

It is simple, and it is effective.  On other cars we have used a spring, lockwire, etc, etc.  This is just pretty easy on an RB. 

You could also try one of these clamps. It is for the ATTESA wiring, but should work out OK.  41642-05U00

Coil harness retainers are located in the valley of the engine

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