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May 29, 2020

RB Engine Crank Pulley : Harmonic Damper

RB crank pulley damper
Ross Performance Parts

Ross Performance Parts in Australia makes a lot of parts for RB engines. They said they get a lot of questions about what harmonic dampers to use on RB series engines. They put out this guide showing  the differences. 

It is notable that on an RB26, the R32 and R33/R34 have different power steering pump drives.  The offset is different. So if you are mixing and matching parts, make sure you understand what you have and what you are doing.  Its all based off the power steering pump used.  

3PK= 3 rib belt
4PK= 4 rib belt
Then the numbers are length in mm, or inches. 

RB26 ARP Crank Bolt
RB26 ARP Crank Bolt

If you need a new bolt to hold that RB26 crank in place, ARP has a nice bolt and washer to upgrade that OEM bolt and nut

OEM crank pulley bolt for the RB26 is:  12309-05U00
OEM crank pulley washer for the RB26: 12308-05U00

The OEM crank pulley bolt tightening torque is a number.  You most likely need a 3/4 wrench or adapter to get the correct torque on the nut. 

  • 329-344 ft-lb
  • 45.5-47.5 kg-m

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