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May 12, 2020

R32 GT-R Throttle Cable

R32 GT-R throttle cable

When I get asked questions about parts, and I find something I consider odd, I try and post about it, so I can reference it later.    The R32 GT-R throttle cable is one of those parts.  It seems like the R32 cable is discontinued.  Now thinking about it, the engine end of the cable is the same between all the cars. You don't have to mess with the engine end R32,R33,R34.   Now the accelerator pedal end. I have installed R34 pedals in the bluecar, and its a straight swap.  So that end should be the same. 

The 00 at the end of the first part number is the early cars, the 10 is a middle or revision part.  They all should work on any car.  Both those parts show as discontinued. So the options are: find old stock, buy a used one, or rebuild the cable.  The cables are the types of things that can be rebuilt at a bicycle shop locally. 

I have seen them fail when the engine ground wasn't present, or too small, and the throttle cable was the path to ground for the starter. That caused the metal throttle cable covering to melt.  I can not consider it to be a part that I see fail very often. 

R34 Vspec II pedal cover in an R32.  Also visible ATTESA air bleed connector

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