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Jun 11, 2020

Dyno Test Video : What is a fan, air intake, and headers worth? : Richard Holdener

Dyno test video Richard Holdener

I am a big fan of Richard Holdener's videos.  These days he does a lot of junkyard LS stuff, but he has done everything from Mustang to Honda over the years.  He is a car guy, magazine editor, and has written a ton of stuff over the years. 

More recently he has been putting videos up on YouTube. And I mean about one a day. The guy is a madman of content.  Testing everything from when a stock bottom LS lets go, to things like this. What is a fan, electric water pump, air intake all worth for horsepower.  

In this test, he takes an LS, puts all the accessories on it, and runs it on the dyno. This engine is around 300 horsepower, and the results speak for themselves.   On a turbocharged inline 6 engine, on nearly any engine, you will see similar results. So like anything you need to weigh the compromises. Is it worth going electric fan? Is it worth going electric water pump?  Do you have the charging system to accommodate those electrical components?  Should you just stick to a clutch fan? Headers don't really apply to us, but anything after the turbo, is just a restriction. 

JUNKYARD 5.3lLS. How much hp does the fan take? How about the water pump, PS and AC? How much are headers worth? What about a tune or cold water? Is there any power in the air intake?

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